Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Cakes Are Not What They Seem

ryan and i made our forth pilgrimage to the great Pacific Northwest for the annual Twin Peaks Festival. we first went the summer of 2004 for our honeymoon, and have since found both the area (the Snoqualmie Valley) and the people (other fest-goers mainly) worth returning for as often as we can afford.

Washington state is a place where ryan and i have both agree we'd be happy to reside. though we don't have any plans to move just yet, it's on the list of potential livable spaces.

while we were there this summer, i let my fancies flourish as we walked down the main drag in Fall City, where we camp. what would i do for work if we lived in a place like Fall City? seeing a closed shop here and a closed shop there, i started to imagine myself owning a cupcakery (a bakery that sells only cupcakes).

why a cupcakery?

a little background: since around this time last year, i've acquired a baking habit. an addiction. in particular, an addiction for cupcakes. (my friend Cat says that "cupcakes are not an addiction, they're a way of life", but that sounds like an addict talking to me.) ryan and i have hosted two cupcake decorating parties so far. whenever i'm involved in a bake sale, you can be sure there'll be plenty of cupcakes. holiday? cupcakes. gathering of more than 6? cupcakes! little left over vanilla extract in the cupboard? yep... cupcakes.

so ryan, bryan (hello bryan!) and i were wandering the humble streets of Fall City and i started musing as to what i'd name my cupcakery. katy's cakes? little katy's? cupkaty's? i sort of gave up on putting my name in the title and started paying homage to the area by fantasizing about all the Twin Peaks themed cupcakes I could make... cherry pie cupcakes, audry horne's cherry caramel cupcakes, black coffee cupcakes...

ryan started joining in on the fun. but if you know ryan, then you know he's going to come up with some of the more insane concepts for cupcakes... but i'm not going to share any of those with you yet... that's why we've started this blog.

the cakes are not what they seem is a cupcake blog dedicated to cupcake creations inspired by the characters of David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks. here we'll share our stories, recipes, pictures, and maybe the odd video clip of my unsuspecting brother consuming one of ryan and my off-the-wall creations.

Bon appetit!

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